Thursday, 30 June 2011

Magnetic 'Funny Monsters' and 'Funny Pets'

Top That Publishing

Top That Publishing sent me two books to review, these are Magnetic ‘Funny Monsters’ and ‘Funny Pets.’  Both shown below!
Funny Pets photoFunny Monsters Pic
On the Funny Monsters book it says to ‘Mix and match the magnets to make funny monsters’ and it says almost exactly the same thing on the ‘Funny Pets’ book; apart from it says you make ‘Funny pets’ on that one – funnily enough.
They are basically the same book except one has pets, and the other has monsters. Both are traditional favourites with kids, so it’s all good so far.
The books are glossy and hardback; and the pages are quite thick card, which means they’ll survive longer than your average flimsy paper books.
I love the idea too - basically you have to put the magnetic eyes, ears, noses, wings, monster tongues, eyebrows etc etc, onto basic monster / pet face shapes. You can create the faces as they are shown on the back cover (ie, put rabbit features on the rabbit, or sad monster features on the sad monster) or you can go freestyle! S and D have both made bizarre critters, as we have both books we now have pets that look like monsters and vice versa. They’ve merrily swapped all the magnetic features between the books. Share and share alike!
The magnetic pieces have actually been shared out throughout the house now. I have monster faces on the radiator, and half a rabbits face on the washing machine at present. This is the only problem with books like these, little magnetic pieces are easily lost and misplaced – we have exactly the same issues with jigsaws and self-assembly toys that are disassembled and scattered all over the living room as soon as they’re taken off the shelf. I’ve already nearly hoovered an eye or two.
If you have a tidy house and tidy kids, maybe you won’t have this issue. I just know that any toys with detachable bits, drive me a bit mad. Having said that I still love these books, and at £4.99 a pop, they’re great little stocking fillers (sighs….I cannot believe that little phrase is running around my head already!)

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