Thursday, 30 June 2011

When I Dream of ABC by Mr Henry Fisher

When I Dream of ABC by Mr Henry Fisher

 Top That Publishing were kind enough to send me one of their beautifully illustrated children's books, and it would be a travesty not to tell you about it!  It's already a firm favourite with the kids and one that I'd definitely invest in if I were you.  Here it is!

Simply brilliant! This book oozes character and interest.
This book is a rare breed, not only does it radiate humour and character, there are really gorgeous, detailed illustrations too.  My two love this, and have actually argued over who gets to keep it in their room, it's that popular at our house!   Apologies for the very slightly battered looking appearance, this is because When I Dream of ABC been read many, many times already.
It's a traditional format, alphabet letters associated with pictures and rhymes, but it's done so well! Take a look at this!

The mischievious humour is really appealing to adults and children alike!
I don't know how clear my photograph is so I'll type out the letter D's contribution to the book so you can see why we like it so much.
D is for Dragon.  
'Dragons are very shy and live in caves.  Despite popular opinion, dragons are very polite, but are best avoided on account of having rather smelly breath'
It's just so cute, and such an original little observation.  Each and every letter of the alphabet is treated to the same quirky, amusing wording and beautiful imagery.

O is for Octopus! It's tickling the diver! Great for interacting with the kids.
When I Dream of ABC is educational too of course, which is always a bonus.  The last page has a spread of all the little pictures and letters of the alphabet to look back over too which is a great summary.  Personally I think it would make a fabulous poster wall chart and one that I'd certainly buy, Mr Henry Fisher is a very talented artist!

Mr Henry Fisher, please make these pages into a poster wall chart!
The only drawback is that When I Dream of ABC is paperback.  I think its a really special book that will be read and treasured, and these sorts of books do tend to get damaged over time.  If it was hardback it might last a little longer.

One to buy for the grandchildren! A keeper!
If you'd like to buy a copy of this book, it costs £6.29 (on offer at the moment) from Top That Publishing.  Of all the kids books I've reviewed, this is the best one so far.  Lovely!

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